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Telos is distance-learning that combines Scriptural principles and ministry opportunities.

Over 2000 students have taken advantage of our personalized approach.

Our alumni are making a positive impact for Christ around the world.



The College that Character Built!

The Telos Institute International is a college that has served Christian home schoolers since 1997. Telos has offered degrees and courses that help young people lay a solid foundation for life. 

We will continue to keep our commitments to past and current students.  Current students who have already made significant progress toward a degree will be able to complete their programs.  Permanent student records will also be maintained. Students may request transcripts for credit earned at Telos by contacting us at

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You can still enroll for individual Telos courses this spring!

Approach the college years confidently by taking Preparatory Courses that will help you to:

Understand the Bible for yourself

Write essays and research papers at the college level

Develop a strategy of Biblical wisdom to guide your years of training

And more!

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Become a spiritual leader who can help people practice God's wisdom in all areas of life by experiencing College-level courses in:

The content and teachings of the Bible

Biblical life principles

Character development


And more!

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