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Home Health Care--A degree Program of the Telos Institute
Limited version of slide show, Copyright 2002 GD
Limited version of slide show, Copyright 2002 GD
Limited version of slide show, Copyright 2002 GD
Limited version of slide show, Copyright 2002 GD

Overview of Our Unique Program


Health care today is in a state of crisis. The emphasis in medicine today is on “sick care” versus "wellness" and "wholeness." Furthermore, escalating costs and managed care are moving health care from the hospital setting back to the home and community; however, many of us feel ill-prepared to become lay caregivers for sick family or church members and lack the basic health care knowledge to implement health-promoting practices within our homes. In the midst of this turmoil, our nation is experiencing a severe shortage of well-trained caregivers in both acute and long-term care settings, a shortage that will steadily increase over the coming years.


The Telos Institute International Home Health Care program is an entirely new approach to health care that responds to each of these issues. We offer a practical, wholeness-oriented Christian training program.


  • for families wanting to adopt a healthier lifestyle based on Biblical principles,
  • for churches desiring to minister more fully to the needs of their congregation, and
  • for those individuals wishing to provide bedside care and care management for individuals and families in their homes.


When you enter the Telos Home Health Care program, your training will be unique. Our graduates minister from a wholeness perspective versus an illness orientation, centering their care on the reality that true health and wholeness stems from a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.


Home Health Care is "real life" ministry training, where students learn practical skills that will serve them for a lifetime, free from the limitations imposed by training centered in an acute care setting. God has given us a vision to develop a program unlike any other in the country, and we are convinced that the future demand for this level of preparation will be great.

LighthouseThis program provides an answer for many concerns of parents, students, and physicians. It focuses on health care in the home. Not only will the need for qualified home health care professionals increase dramatically in the next twenty years, the Bible establishes the home and family as the foundation for health care. Secondly, our home health care program guides students in developing a solid Biblical perspective, a theology of care giving, as well as the extensive knowledge and skills needed to perform this special ministry. Finally, the HHC program addresses the needs of the whole family, across the entire age continuum, ministering to each individual in their own home from a perspective of wholeness.

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