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Applying to Telos

Use the following instructions and explanations
to complete the application form. The numbers on these pages correspond to question numbers on the application form.


1. If you are a preparatory course applicant, use the preparatory courses application form.

2. If you plan to take nine semester hours or less with Telos, complete application questions 1 to 13 on the application form.

3. If you are an early-enrollment applicant, complete questions 1 to 13 on the application form.

4. If nine-semester-hour and early-enrollment status do not apply to you, complete questions 1 to 27 on the application form.

Complete the form as thoroughly as possible so that Telos staff will be able to serve you effectively and ensure that you will benefit from studying with Telos

Note: You do not need to apply every semester. However, if you have not taken courses for two consecutive semesters, you must submit another application.

Personal information

The Advanced Training Institute (ATI) is a home-education program (for more information, see "What Makes Telos Unique"). Many Telos students come from families using ATI. However, enrollment in the ATI program is not a Telos admissions requirement.

E-mail address—During the admissions process, you will communicate with the Telos staff via
e-mail. Therefore, you must have a functioning
e-mail address before your admission can be finalized.

Requirements for admission

1 Received Christ
Telos is a program built on the foundation of a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ. In the space provided, explain briefly the basis of your relationship with Jesus Christ and how you know that you have eternal life.

2–3 Telos Statement of Faith and Code of Conduct
Telos is committed to a position of Biblical doctrine and standard of conduct. Incoming students should be aware of this position so that they can work willingly within its framework.

4 Academic readiness
Because Telos is a postsecondary educational program, you must fulfill parental and state requirements for high school completion in order to enter.


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