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Course Descriptions

BIBL 101—God: His Word and Character I
Study of the Old Testament historical books, building faith in the reliability of the Bible by examining God’s revelation of Himself. Students compile an overview of the historical books and identify the theme of each book. Special emphasis on the character of God as shown in the Book of Psalms. Prerequisite: Completion of or concurrent enrollment in BLP 101. (3 semester hours)

BIBL 102—God: His Word and Character II
Study of the entire New Testament. Builds on the foundation of 101 and encourages students to examine and meditate on the teaching of the New Testament about God’s revelation to humanity. Students compile an overview of the New Testament, including the theme of each book. Special emphasis on the Books of John and Hebrews. Prerequisite: BIBL 101. (3 semester hours)

BIBL 201—Mankind: Sin and Salvation I
A study of large portions of the Old Testament. Designed to help students cultivate virtue by discovering truths regarding God’s design for mankind, the effects of sin, and God’s provision for salvation. Special emphasis on the Book of Genesis. Prerequisite: BIBL 102. (3 semester hours)

BIBL 202—Mankind: Sin and Salvation II
Survey of the New Testament. Students are encouraged to cultivate virtue by discovering and applying the teaching of Scripture regarding the nature of mankind, the effects of sin, and the work of the Trinity to provide salvation from the penalty, power, and presence of sin. Special emphasis on Romans, Galatians, and Ephesians. Prerequisite: BIBL 201. (3 semester hours)

BIBL 203—Beginning New Testament Greek
A study of the Greek language of the New Testament, enabling a student to translate New Testament
passages with the aid of a lexicon, and providing the foundation for more advanced study. (3 semester hours)

BIBL 301—God’s People: Prophecy and Promises I
Survey of the prophetic books of the Old Testament. Students develop a knowledge of God’s plan for the world as shown in His promises and prophecies. Emphasis on Isaiah and Deuteronomy. Prerequisite: BIBL 202. (3 semester hours)

BIBL 302—God’s People: Prophecy and Promises II
Survey of the New Testament. Students discover God’s plans for the Church and for His final triumph. Emphasis on Revelation. Prerequisite: BIBL 301. (3 semester hours)

BIBL 401—God and the Believer: Biblical Answers to Vital Questions I
Students meditate on the names and character of God as shown in the Old Testament. They develop the ability to discover Scriptural answers to crucial questions that a Christian should be able to answer to glorify God in current society. Prerequisite: BIBL 302. (3 semester hours)