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Course Descriptions (cont.)

BUS 201—Home Business Studies
Designed for students to gain a vision and practical plan for their future ministry in home health care. Students research the laws of the state in which they will be ministering or working. Students will develop a comprehensive ministry or business plan specific to their calling and assemble a portfolio reflecting their training and preparation. Prerequisites: CNA 201, HHC 201, completion of or concurrent enrollment in HHC 202.
(2 semester hours)


CDS 101—Foundations of Character
Examination and application of 49 basic character qualities and a study of character instruction given in the Beatitudes and Matthew 5–7. Students complete a personal assessment of character strengths and weaknesses and construct a plan for character growth. Prerequisites: completion of or concurrent enrollment in BLP 101 and 102. (3 semester hours)

CDS 102—Foundations of Character for Health Care

Discovering what God's Word says about His character and ways, students learn to develop Godly character in their own lives. Students build character-promoting disciplines into their lives, recognize the current need for character-based education and intervention in health care, and complete projects which begin to meet those needs. Prerequisites: completion of or concurrent enrollment in BLP 101. (3 semester hours)

CDS 202—Character First! Business
Completion of the Character First! Business training course, together with selected advanced training modules and service at Character First! Business conferences. (2 or 3 semester hours)

CDS 430 & 431—Character Development Internship
Character Development Services studies conclude with a one-year internship in a character-based program. Phase One (CDS 430) consists of a sequence of training experiences to prepare students for the Character Internship. Phase Two (CDS 431) requires a supervised internship in one of four areas of character development. Options include but are not limited to: Youth emphasis—EQUIP; Education—Character First! Education or Children’s Institute traveling teams service, leadership, development; Business—Character First! Business; Home education—customized requirements. Training and internship require 10 to 12 months but may be divided into smaller segments. Prerequisites: completion of 90 hours toward a B.A. in character development services. (8 and 24 semester hours)

CHEM 120—Introduction to Chemistry
Designed for Biblical Perspectives in Health Care students, Introduction to Chemistry examines the elements of organic, polymer, and nuclear chemistry that are relevant to medicine. Emphasis is placed upon those medical situations that require the application of chemistry. Prerequisite: Algebra I. (4 semester hours)