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Course Descriptions (cont.)

CNA 201—Certified Nurse Assistant Training
This four-week, residential program equips students with nurse assistant skills and emphasizes character qualities vital to a caregiving ministry. Classroom instruction and caregiving in a clinical
setting provide students with the skills needed for home care, long-term care, and subacute care. Students successfully completing this course take
the Indiana CNA examination, which is transferable through reciprocity to most states. (4 semester hours)

CNS 101—Foundations of Counseling
Surveys the root causes of personal and interpersonal conflict from a Biblical perspective. Examines process of resolving personal conflicts and aiding others in conflict resolution. Course materials include Effective Counseling Course (IBLP). Prerequisites: completion of or concurrent enrollment in BLP 101 and 102. May be taken concurrently with CNS 102. (3 semester hours)


CNS 102—Marriage Conflict Resolution I
An analysis of the root causes of conflict in marriage, using Biblical guidelines to trace surface problems to sources and develop lasting solutions. Prerequisites: BLP 101 and 102, completion of or concurrent enrollment in CNS 101.
(4 semester hours)


CNS 203—Marriage Conflict Resolution II
A continuation of CNS 102, analyzing specific types of conflict in marriage relationships. Students consider implications of marital conflicts on children in the home and outline steps for developing a Godly life message as a result of past failures. Prerequisite: CNS 102. (3 semester hours)

CNS 301—Biblical Counseling I
Developed in cooperation with the International Center for Biblical Counseling, this course emphasizes a Biblical worldview and what the Bible teaches about the world, the flesh, and the devil. It examines the counseling needs of people seeking help for a variety of common spiritual issues. Students learn how to lead a person to submit to the Lord Jesus Christ, how to resist the devil by reclaiming surrendered ground, how to break soul ties and destroy strongholds, how to clear the conscience, and how to appropriate the whole armor of God. Prerequisites: BLP 101, 102, and CNS 101, or permission of the instructor.
(4 semester hours)