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Course Descriptions (cont.)

CYD 120—Biblical Child Training
The student learns to effectively train children in accordance with Scriptural principles. The course involves research in Biblical principles and Godly character, along with practical application of these truths in a learning opportunity that involves work with children. Prerequisites: BLP 101 and 102.
(3 semester hours)

CYD 230, 232, 233, 234—In The Gap Internships

In The Gap has launched a partnership with The Telos Institute International that will allow you to earn credit toward a college degree as you minister to children. You can earn up to 32 semester hours of credit toward an Associate of Arts degree in Child and Youth Character Development. Each of the four levels of In The Gap training will be an internship, and you can receive eight hours of credit for each level.

What do you have to do?

  1. Complete a registration form for Telos credit and submit it with your payment to the Telos office.
  2. Complete a weekly journal.
  3. Write a wrap-up evaluation at the end of each level of training.
  4. Your supervisor will write an evaluation each time you complete a level.

You will follow this procedure for each of the four levels of training. If you successfully complete the requirements, you will receive eight semester hours of credit for each training level.

To request more information, contact the Telos office at 317-527-5222 or

Course Title
Sem. Hours
Telos Fee
CYD 230 In The Gap Level 1 Training
CYD 232 In The Gap Level 2 Training
CYD 233 In The Gap Level 3 Training
CYD 234 In The Gap Level 4 Training

ENGL 200—Research, Rhetoric, and Communication
For students who have a burden to think, write, and speak the truth or who wish to prepare for further communications studies. Topics include expository writing, research, style, editing, logic, communication techniques, and introduction to publishing process. Submit work for publication. Prerequisites: strong foundation in grammar, mechanics, and composition.
(3 semester hours)