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Course Descriptions (cont.)

FIN 101—Financial Freedom I
A study of the Biblical principles resulting in freedom to steward financial resources on a personal and professional level. Examines common financial practices such as debt and negotiation. Prerequisites: BLP 101 and 102. (4 semester hours)

FIN 202—Financial Freedom II
A continuation of FIN 101, completing study on the goals necessary to gain financial freedom. Emphasis on the Biblical perspectives of lending, partnerships, and recognition of financial need as impetus for creative business opportunities. Prerequisite: FIN 101. (3 semester hours)

HHC 201—Home Health Care I
Students begin to develop a theology of caregiving to guide their ministry by building upon the concept of Biblical wholeness. In addition, a series of “mini-courses,” taught by professionals from many health care fields, develops the essential body of knowledge students will need to be prepared for the wide variety of home health situations they will encounter. Prerequisites: NUTR 101, concurrent enrollment in CNA 201 and SOS 201.
(4 semester hours)

Taking blood pressure on senior adult.


HHC 202—Home Health Care II
Students build on the foundation laid in HHC 101, focusing on the advanced skills and knowledge needed to provide home health care for a wide variety of needs. Prerequisites: HHC 201, concurrent enrollment in SOS 202 and HHC 203.
(4 semester hours)

HHC 203—Home Health Care Practicum and Internship
Certified CNAs build on their skills and knowledge base by practicing in supervised home ministry situations. Three weeks are spent at a training facility working part-time with a home health care agency. Students then continue their internships working under a verifier in their own communities. Prerequisites: CNA certification in the state where student will be completing the practicum, HHC 201, concurrent enrollment in HHC 202 and SOS 202. (4 semester hours)

LEG 201—Law and the Family
A study of the Biblical principles that form the foundation for law, and an investigation of current legal issues frequently affecting the family. Prerequisites: BLP 101 and 102.
(4 semester hours)

LOG 101—Informal Logic and Reasoning
An introduction to informal logic, including definitions, inductive and deductive reasoning, and common fallacies. Practical exercises to analyze typical forms of logic in daily communications. (1 semester hour)

MATH 100—College Math
The course description is found on page 24. This is considered a preparatory course and is available to students aged 14 and older.