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Course Descriptions (cont.)

MATH 110—Calculus I
Teaches the basic concepts of functions, continuity, and derivatives of functions to analyze and solve problems involving instantaneous rate of change.  Prerequisites: Algebra II, trigonometry, and BLP 101.
(3 semester hours)

MATH 111—Calculus II
Course in problem-solving techniques.  Topics include quadratic equations; complex numbers; linear, quadratic, fractional, and absolute value inequalities; and functions and their graphs. Prerequisite: MATH 110.  (3 semester hours)

MED 201—Foundations of Medicine I
Students develop analogies between Biblical principles of responsibility, success, suffering, and ownership and four of seven body systems. Equips students with knowledge of God’s design for the body in order to facilitate wise decisions concerning health care. Includes brief survey of anatomy and physiology. Prerequisites: BLP 101 and 102. (4 semester hours)

MED 202—Foundations of Medicine II
A continuation of MED 201, relating the principles of moral freedom, design, and authority to three correlating body systems. Emphasizes development of a broader perspective of medical circumstances in order to glorify God in suffering. Prerequisite: MED 201.
(3 semester hours)

MIN 101—Introduction to Home Health Care Ministries
An introduction to home health care ministry. Community and home health experiences may include observing home health professionals, observing care of the elderly and terminally ill, working alongside a midwife, and helping with community-based projects. Students study CPR and first aid and learn to develop a personal portfolio. (1 semester hour)


NUTR 101—God’s Design for Nutrition I
A study of God’s fundamental principles of nutrition. Studies include wellness-oriented nutrition, digestion, absorption and metabolism of nutrients, and nutrition across the life span.
(4 semester hours)

NUTR 201—God’s Design for Nutrition II
A continuation of NUTR 101, this course correlates with SOS 101. Students discover the role of nutrition and diet therapy in clinical practice and health promotion. Prerequisite: NUTR 101.
(1 semester hour)

NUTR 202—God’s Design for Nutrition III
A continuation of NUTR 201, this course correlates with SOS 201. Students discover the role of nutrition and diet therapy in clinical practice and health promotion. Prerequisite: NUTR 201.
(1 semester hour)

SOS 201—Seven Organ Systems I
Develops analogies between Biblical principles and four body systems. Students are equipped with the essential knowledge and understanding of anatomy, physiology, and histology needed to facilitate wise decision-making as a health care professional. Prerequisite: Admission to the clinical year of the Home Health Care program. (3 semester hours)