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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What kind of work will weekly assignments involve?

Answer: The course syllabus lists assignments due each week. These include study of Scripture, textbooks, and CD lectures, together with written assignments. The course pack contains instructions and projects to focus your studies during the course. Assignments are due at the same time each week.

Question: How much time will the assignments take each week?

Answer: The average time a student should plan to spend on their assignments for a course will be between 3 and 5 hours for each semester hour of a course.  Therefore, a student taking a 3 semester hour course should plan on spending 9 to as much as 15 hours of work on their assignment. These times are greatly influenced by the typing skills of the student and by their other home responsibilities.

Question: Is Internet access required for enrollment?

Answer: Most courses are run via e-mail; however, a few advanced courses are accessed via our Web site.

Question: Will I use secular textbooks?

Answer: Some courses require secular textbooks; however, these texts are combined with a syllabus intensely focused on Biblical studies and addressing the topics involved from a Biblical perspective. You are trained not to simply repeat information but to think through Biblical principles amplified by the subject being studied.

Question: Does Telos plan to offer additional areas of study and/or degrees in the future?

Answer: Telos will proceed with additional concentrations and degrees as the Lord clearly directs.

Question: Is enrollment in the Advanced Training Institute a prerequisite to Telos?

Answer: A student need not be in ATI to enroll in Telos. Full-time Telos students not enrolled in ATI will receive a one-year consultant status with ATI, enabling them to receive newsletters and apply for student opportunities. Consultant status may be renewed by reenrolling in Telos or paying a $100 consultant status fee to ATI.

Question: Will a Telos degree be recognized by a mission board as a “Bible” major or provide entrance to the work force?

Answer: Recognition of achievement depends entirely upon the party to whom the degree is presented. Lack of accreditation does not diminish value of the degree but may require you to creatively communicate the degree to a mission board, education institution, or potential employer.