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Family Support

Telos strongly encourages family participation. Input and feedback from the family is a requirement in many assignments, and most students find it helpful to use a family member as a verifier.


A verifier evaluates character growth or grades assignments that cannot be sent to the tutor by e-mail. You will receive a questionnaire regarding your course verifier before the semester begins. Please return the completed questionnaire to your tutor, who will inform you whether or not the verifier is approved.

A parent’s perspective

“Once our son began Telos courses, it didn’t take long for us to observe personal disciplines, deeper convictions, and stronger character in him. He learned to think independently, based on Godly wisdom, rather than developing the spirit that often grows as a young person is exposed to the humanistic ideas and [low] standards found on the average college campus.

“An added blessing for me was to serve as our son’s verifier. Each week as I read his essays and various assignments, it became more evident that these courses were not only wonderfully preparing him for whatever direction God would lead, they were also equipping him to assist friends, coworkers, and acquaintances in dealing with personal conflicts and spiritual needs.

“When we watched him receive his diploma, I could not have been more pleased or grateful. I am confident that God used Telos to equip our son for the work of serving Him.”

—Pam Hill (mother)

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