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How Does Telos Work?

Students study via Internet-based courses, short-term seminars, conferences, and internships. Students complete core courses from home. Each week students submit assignments to their professors (called tutors) via e-mail. Tutors evaluate and return the assignments, corresponding with their students throughout the semester.

On-site courses are available at various locations. Students may also develop and participate in internships in fields of their choosing. Internships are coordinated through the Telos office but may be completed at remote locations.

Coordinating tutors, parents, and students

  • The Telos Institute International develops curriculum, organizes on-site courses, supervises experience, and grants credit and degrees.
  • Tutors guide and evaluate the students, provide information to parents, and serve as liaisons between the family and Telos.
  • Parents actively oversee the instruction of their sons and daughters. Telos depends upon parents to encourage the students in wise educational choices and to supervise their progress.
  • The role of students is outlined in Galatians 4:2: “But [he] is under tutors and governors until the time appointed of the father.” In order for students to be successful in Telos, they must remain under the direction of tutors and complete the work required of them.

Legal status
The Telos Institute International has submitted each of its degree programs to the Commission on Proprietary Education of the State of Indiana. The Commission has determined that degree programs currently offered by Telos are nonvocational and therefore not subject to regulation by the Commission or any other state agency. Though this determination does not give or imply official authorization or recognition of Telos by the Commission, it does ensure that Telos is operating in accordance with the laws of the State of Indiana.

Credit transfers
Due to unique curriculum content, Telos provides no guarantee that credits will seamlessly transfer to other institutions. However, a number of accredited colleges and universities have already accepted Telos credits.

Telos does accept transfer credit for selected classes.

Please see the "Student Credits" section for transfer conditions and policies.