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Obtaining credit through portfolio assessment

Learning is not restricted to the classroom. Have you gained valuable knowledge and skills from a ministry project or job? Have other life experiences deepened your understanding and maturity in a subject?

Recognizing the value of nontraditional education, Telos has developed a system of portfolio assessment to evaluate whether your nontraditional learning qualifies for credit toward a Telos degree or certificate.

Credit is not granted for experiences but for learning that results from experiences. Thus, portfolio assessment is not designed to transform your personal experiences into college credit. Instead, Telos portfolio assessment is intended to award credit for college-level learning that fulfills the objectives of a Telos course.

Credit through portfolio assessment is available only to accepted students who are pursuing a degree or certificate from Telos. No more than 25 percent of the requirements for a degree may be earned by portfolio assessment.

If you wish to apply for credit through portfolio assessment, contact the Telos office or visit the Telos Web site to obtain a copy of the portfolio assessment guidelines.