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Registering for Courses

Once you are admitted as a Telos student, you must register for the classes you wish to take each semester. You may begin your Telos studies in the fall, spring, or summer semester.

Use the instructions and explanations on the following pages to fill out the registration/materials form found on page 47 of this catalog. Numbers in this section correspond to question numbers on the registration/materials form.

Please note that if you do not enroll in courses for two consecutive semesters, your status becomes inactive and you must reapply.

Class size is limited, available on a first-come, first-served basis.

1 Choose your courses.

Study the course descriptions on pages 14–23 carefully, particularly if you hope to complete a degree or certificate through Telos.

Note the prerequisites for each course. Many Telos courses build upon previous courses, and you must complete the prerequisites in order to gain the maximum benefit from your work.

Introduction to Basic Life Principles (BLP 101) is the gateway course for Telos, because it presents seven non-optional Biblical principles for life on which many later courses expand. You must successfully complete BLP 101 before proceeding to more advanced studies. If you do not, you will be required to retake the course and may not enroll in more than six hours of additional course work during that semester. If you fail BLP 101 a second time, you may not enroll in other Telos courses until you have completed the course successfully.

Planning your time wisely

Before registering, consider how much time you will be able to dedicate to Telos studies. How should you plan your time?

Course loads are measured in semester hours. In many traditional colleges, one semester hour means that a student has attended fifteen 50-minute instructional sessions and completed approximately 30 hours of homework during the semester, a total investment of 40 hours.

However, Telos courses involve much writing and may be more time-consuming than a traditional college course. You should plan to spend at least 3 hours of study per week for each credit hour you take. A course load of 15 semester hours will involve a minimum of 40 hours per week.

Please note: The summer semester runs on an accelerated schedule and requires much more time per week.

Telos considers a student to be full-time if he or she takes 9 or more semester hours of work during one semester.

2 Choose the proper method of

Regular Telos courses, including Telos electives: use the registration/materials form found on page 47 of this catalog.

Preparatory courses in writing and Bible study methods: use a simplified application/registration form found on page 25.

Elective credit from other training programs: contact the training program directly (see pages 21–23 for more details).