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Registering for Courses (cont.)

5 Determine needed course materials.

Most Telos courses require you to obtain books or other materials to use during the semester. You will find a complete, updated list of required and suggested course materials on the Telos Web site, If you are unable to access the Web site, you may ask the Telos staff to e-mail or fax a copy of the list to you.

You may already own some of the required materials (Strong's Concordance, Basic Seminar Textbook and Workbook, the Basic Seminar Follow-Up Course, and Advanced Seminar Textbook and Workbook), and many items may be ordered from the Telos office or from IBLP Publications (800-398-1290).

Some items must be ordered from publishers, from online book services, or from retail bookstores. The course materials list explains which materials you may purchase or rent from Telos, and which you should obtain elsewhere.

A few courses require you to rent a set of compact discs or DVDs containing video lectures. Course discs are the property of Telos and are not for sale. They are available as rentals exclusively to Telos students for use during the course. Any student who rents a disc set will receive a rental agreement outlining the conditions of the rental. Rented material must be returned to Telos no later than four weeks after the semester’s end. The rental fee is nonrefundable. Telos will not release the student’s transcript until all rented materials are returned.

With the exception of video lectures, copyright laws permit the reproduction of Telos materials for personal educational use. Duplication of the curriculum for distribution to others is prohibited by law.

6 Complete the materials order form.

On the registration form is a section in which you can order materials available through Telos or IBLP (as indicated in the materials list found on the Telos Web site, Please fill out the form completely to avoid delays in handling. Codes for the materials order form are listed on the materials list. Add the costs to arrive at a total materials cost. If you need more materials than space allows on the order form, please use a separate piece of paper.

7 Calculate total amount due.

Add the total tuition and total materials figures to determine the total amount due. You are required to submit registration fees in full. In the event you are not accepted, all monies, with the exception of $25 application fee and $10 course registration fees, will be refunded.

8 Send form and money to Telos.

Send the completed registration/materials form with a check or money order for the total amount due to Telos. To avoid a late fee, your letter should be postmarked by the registration deadline. All returned checks will incur a $25 fee.

9 Wait for Telos confirmation and tutor contact.

You will receive a confirmation of your registration from the Telos office by e-mail, and your tutor will contact you before the start of the semester to explain the details of the course. See Student Life section, page 27.