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Registering for Courses (cont.)

2 Choose the proper method of registration.

Regular Telos courses, including Telos electives: use the registration/materials form found on page 47 of this catalog.

Preparatory courses in writing and Bible study methods: use a simplified application/registration form found on page 25.

Elective credit from other training programs: contact the training program directly (see pages 21–23 for more details).

3 Complete the course section of the registration form.

Write the course number, course title, and number of semester hours exactly as you find them in the course descriptions on pages 14–20 of the catalog.

4 Calculate the cost of tuition.

The next section of the registration form helps you to determine the line item costs of tuition. At the end of this section, you will know exactly how much you owe for tuition. See “Costs” page.

Upon registering for a course, submit tuition fees in full. The registration and course fees will be returned if you are not accepted.

Refund policy

A student who chooses to withdraw from a course may receive a refund of tuition and registration fees in accordance with the following schedule. The percentage will be calculated based on the day when the Telos office receives written confirmation of withdrawal. Verbal notification is helpful but must be confirmed through e-mail, fax, or regular mail.

Refund Policy

Date requested

Amount of refund

Semester start—Day 14
(less than 2 weeks)


Day 15—Day 28
(within 2–4 weeks)


Day 29—Day 56
(within 4–8 weeks)


Day 57—Semester end
(more than 8 weeks)

No refund available