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Student Credits

Fulfilling prerequisites

If you enroll in a prerequisite course concurrently with (at the same time as) advanced courses but do not complete the prerequisite successfully, you may not receive credit for advanced courses until successfully completing prerequisites.

Calculating grades

Grades are calculated on a point system. In all Character Development Services, Child and Youth Character Development, and Biblical Perspectives in Health Care courses, credit is awarded only for courses completed with a grade of 80 percent or higher. However, maintenance of a 3.0 (B) grade point average is required.

If a 3.0 GPA is not maintained, you will be placed on academic probation for the following semester and may not take more than nine credit hours in subsequent semesters until the grade point average is raised.

You will receive an official grade report from the Telos office after the conclusion of each semester.

Dropping courses

You may withdraw from a course with a grade of “W” until the end of the ninth week of the semester (fifth week in a summer semester). To withdraw from a course, notify the Telos office in writing. Though it is courteous to communicate your withdrawal to your tutor, the withdrawal is not official until the Telos office receives written confirmation from you. If you do not make your withdrawal official, you will receive a grade based on the number of points earned from the work that you submitted to your tutor.

You may be eligible for a partial refund of tuition paid, depending on the date of withdrawal. See the refund policy chart on page 38.

All rented materials should be returned to Telos within fourteen days of withdrawal. Rental fees are nonrefundable.

If you are enrolled in two or more courses and one is the prerequisite for the other, you may not withdraw from the prerequisite without withdrawing from the second course.

Understanding audits

For a reduced tuition fee, you may choose to audit many (but not all) Telos courses. If you audit, the Telos office will send you a course pack and you may rent required course materials. You may choose which assignments you will complete and the pace at which you will work. However, you will not be assigned a tutor and will not receive credit or grades for your work.

To audit a course, complete the application. Then use the registration/materials form to register for the course. Indicate that you would like to take the course on an audit basis.

Switching from credit to audit status

You may choose to switch from credit to audit status in a course. The deadlines and refund percentages for moving from credit to audit status are the same as those for course withdrawals (see previous section, “Dropping Courses”). Withdrawal and refund policies for audits are the same as for credit courses. (For more information regarding refunds, see page 38.) After notifying the Telos office of your status switch, the Telos office will refund you the appropriate percentage of the difference between credit and audit tuition fees. Please note that you may not switch from audit to credit status.

Transferring credits


If you have completed course work at another institution, you may be able to apply some of those credits to a Telos degree or certificate. The following guidelines apply to credit transfers:

Transfer courses must be comparable to Telos courses in content, objectives, and semester hours.

You must have received a B– or higher in the course you wish to transfer and must maintain a B– or higher average in 15 hours of Telos work before the transfer of credits is confirmed.

You may transfer a maximum of 25 percent of credits for a Telos degree. For example, no more than 16 of the 64 hours required for the associate of arts degree in character development may be transferred from another institution.

To apply for transfer of credit, submit to the registrar’s office a course description of the course you wish to transfer, an official transcript, and a letter requesting a review of your transfer credit request.

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