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Student Work

You will document your studies through research papers, essays, outlines, reports, and testimonies, and will send these assignments to your tutors each week via e-mail.


Submit assignments to your tutors via e-mail by midnight each Thursday (unless the course pack or tutor indicates a different deadline). Tutors will grade the assignments and return them with comments and suggestions via e-mail.

Late assignments receive a 10 percent point deduction per day after the deadline, unless an adjusted schedule has been agreed upon beforehand with your tutors.

A set of assignment checklists accompanies each course pack. Complete the checklist and submit it with the appropriate assignment. An assignment not accompanied by a checklist is immediately returned and must be resubmitted.

Unexpected computer problems are not an excuse for incomplete assignments. In the event that your computer or e-mail service malfunctions, you are responsible to complete assignments, inform your tutors of the problem, and determine a temporary alternative to submitting your assignments (e.g., fax, another computer, or regular mail).
If you anticipate an interruption in schedule, notify your tutors and submit assignments early.

Interruptions and extensions

Submit extension requests at least twenty-four hours prior to the date your assignment is due. Extensions are normally given only for serious, unavoidable problems. The maximum extension permitted for midterm exams is one week, and no extensions are granted for final exams.

If called for jury duty, you may ask to be
dismissed. Upon request, the Telos office will provide you with a student status verification letter. If required to serve, you are responsible to arrange an adjusted schedule with your tutors so that all work is completed by semester end.

Font usage and layout

Use only Times New Roman and Arial fonts, as other fonts may be changed in e-mail transmission. Margins must be between one inch and one and one-quarter inches. Text should be no smaller than twelve points and no larger than fourteen points (excluding headings).

Only boldface and italics should be used for emphasis or when punctuating a book title or other similarly punctuated item. Do not use the underline option, distracting fonts, or graphics. When completing a project that will be viewed by an audience, refrain from using more than two fonts on the same page. Remember—the goal of layout is to enhance the message and make the page readable and inviting for the audience. Required spacing is 1.5 lines.


Unless otherwise noted, each course requires a final exam. A few courses also require a midterm exam. When all assignments are complete and submitted to your tutors, they will send the exams with full instructions.

The midterm and final exams are closed-book, closed-note tests, unless otherwise noted. A specific amount of time is allotted for each exam, and a proctor should monitor your work. The completed exams should be typed with no changes and submitted to your tutors via e-mail.

Use of a Bible or a Bible software program is permitted. Software is limited to only the Bible. Bible memory on exams must be done without reference to Scripture.

Personal time with the Lord

Throughout the semester, do not substitute course work for personal time with the Lord. Continue a daily time of personal devotions in order to maintain spiritual health and energy.

Bible translations

Complete all memory work in the King James Version. Studies, essays, and other written assignments should normally reference the KJV. Additional translations are permissible for comparison.


Print a copy of your course packs upon receipt and keep a hard copy of all work completed throughout the course. These printed copies serve as personal records and backup in case of technical problems.


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