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Tutor Guidance

Your tutors are devoted to aiding you in your studies and encouraging you in your walk with the Lord. After you apply and register, you will be assigned to a tutor for each class in which you enroll. The tutor will contact you via e-mail shortly before the semester commences and will send you a course pack, which contains schedules, assignments, and explanations for the course. In certain courses, your tutor will not send a course pack but will instruct you to download it from the Telos Web site.

The importance of

In order to succeed in Telos, you must communicate your needs to your tutors. Contact your tutor immediately if you are overwhelmed, do not understand a project, experience a crisis that conflicts with studies, or require direction to sharpen computer skills. Tutors will be better able to serve if they are aware of and understand your needs.

Contact your tutors if you receive no reply to assignments within one week. If you still receive no reply, contact the Telos office directly at

Contacting your tutor

Refer to the schedules sent by your tutors to obtain their correct e-mail addresses and to verify the deadlines for submitting assignments. Send each assignment as an attachment to an e-mail message. Do not paste information into an e-mail message. Check your e-mail daily for information from tutors or the Telos office.

Your tutors will give guidelines for contacting them by telephone should it prove necessary. Refer to the information letters received from your tutors for telephone contact protocol. If your tutors provide telephone numbers, organize questions before calling so that business can be conducted as quickly as possible. Note the time zone in which the tutors are located and call only during designated times.

Technical support

Contact your tutors with questions pertaining to word-processing software. For assistance with e-mail difficulties, contact the technical support department of your Internet Service Provider. The Telos office offers technical support for Adobe® Acrobat®-related questions; contact

Why and how your tutors grade your assignments

Tutors score your work according to your research into and understanding of the material. They also evaluate how well you relate concepts to Scripture, apply principles to life, and clearly communicate the information learned.

Use the feedback from graded assignments to improve future assignments. Your tutor’s evaluation of your work is an important step in providing you with tools to build skills and mature spiritually.

Should you desire a review of the grades you receive, send your requests via e-mail to your tutor. The tutor will forward your request to the course supervisor, who will consider and respond with a final decision. You are permitted one request per assignment.

A student’s perspective

“As I look back over the last few years and the time that I have invested in the Telos courses, I am amazed. What an investment it has been! Although it has not been easy, I do not regret the decision to enroll in the slightest. Telos has prepared me to face life regardless of what I do from here on, as a single or married person, a mother, daughter, friend, or counselor.

“I think that the most important lesson that I began to learn through Telos is the lesson that Jesus taught Mary and Martha in Luke 10:41–42. ‘And Jesus answered and said unto her, Martha, Martha, thou art careful and troubled about many things: But one thing is needful: and Mary hath chosen that good part, which shall not be taken away from her.’

“The one thing that is necessary is to focus on Christ. Everything we do should not distract us from Him, but rather enable us to concentrate on Him more clearly and to love Him more deeply. Telos has certainly done this for me.”

—Sarah Hersey

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